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26 August 2008 @ 04:39 pm
Diva make up of awesomeness.  
Under the cut todays divalicious gothy make up.

Also a brief how to with the photos.


Okay here's the quick how to do this look. Work out your normal face stuff. As you can see I didn't really go for full coverage matte fantastic skin today because it's summer and I didn't feel like it.

You need:
Black cream liner. (You can use L'Oreal HIP cream liner, Mac Fluidline etc)
Black pencil of some sort (for the eyebrows)
Your favorite mascara
Dark purple almost black sparkly shadow. I used Black Celebration by Aromaleigh. Awesome company/products. I've written some reviews in my regular blog for them.
Sparkly stuff for lips.


First use a flat liner brush like this . I have one from Smashbox. Load it up with your black liner and use the edge to line your upper lash line. Doesn't have to be a clean line. Then go ahead and fill in your eyelid into your crease. Work with the shape of your eye. I have very almond shaped long eyes, if you're eyes are rounder you'll want a rounder shape so you can go a little above your crease right over the iris of your eye.

If your eyelid is wide enough you can use the flat of your brush to color in the area. Extend a little in your inner corner, and at the outer corner if you're feeling it.

Then use the edge of your brush again loaded with liner along your lower lashline. If you aren't comfortable doing your waterline with the brush hold on and use your pencil (freshly sharpened) dipped lightly in your liner to line your water line. Connect your inner corner lower lash line to the upper, do the same on the outside of your eye.

Next up pick up your shadow and use a fluffy blender brush like this. Mine is a random one but I like the more tapered ones. Get some of your dark purple on it and pat it all over your eyelid and a little over your crease. In the crease blend out the line of your black liner and shadow until it's good and soft. If you are feeling it go ahead and take the color around the outer corner a little.

Now you should have a little something like this.


You can also do this with a brighter shadow if you're really feeling it.

Next up eyebrows.

I don't usually fill in my brows but this is a pretty bold look so I figured I'd go for it. I don't know how I feel about it exactly. If you are going to fill in your brows use a pencil or a brow kit in short sharp strokes.

Now pile on that mascara. Loads of it. I was serious about going for it with this look.

And now you've got this:


For your lips you can either go nude or bold or somewhere in between. When I left the house I was wearing Mac's Bare Fetish lipglass which is a really pretty beigy nude.

Then decided I wanted some more pink in there so I threw on some really lovely um...Lip Gunk in Wallflower and mixed it.

I wasn't able to get good full face shots but you get the idea.

Now you are bringing drama.

And there you have my first make up tutorial.

I am also long winded.

One of these days I'll figure out how to do a video one.

And be long winded there.
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