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11 November 2008 @ 03:05 pm
Hit 25,666 words last night after doing one huge sex scene, one smaller one.

Going for 27K tonight.

Then um.

Red velvet cupcakes on Saturday.

Also doing really well on not editing right now and then going all slash and burn. This scene is loosely based on a personal adventure. Also not spell checked or barely so. I hope typos do not make for bleeding eyes.

I had read about squirting, and had some porn movies featuring squirting but doubted my own ability to do so. I'd devoured instruction on the subject and it just seemed to be too complicated. I lit up though, nodding.

"If you do I'll make you a bacon sandwich and more tiramasu."

She grinned nodding and moving me into a good position after peeling my panties off.

"Do you have a little vibrator?"

Of course I did, it was along with several other beloved toys right in the top drawer of my nightstand along with the lube. I handed her a little oblong vibrator with variable speed and she nodded approvingly.

"You've done this before?"

I blushed.

"No I tried though. By myself."

She cackled, rubbed her fingers just around the entrance of my pussy.

"I hope you've got a lot of bacon babe."

I didn't need or want too much more foreplay. She tucked a throw pillow under my ass and told me to lay back and relax. She slid two fingers inside me and crooked them slightly, moving deliberately and slowly until she found my G-Spot. For a split second I was entirely convinced I was about to pee all over her but it passed.

The sensation was strange at first, it wasn't local to my genitals but seemed to spread up and outwards. She paused in her actions long enough to peer up at my face.

“You okay?”

I nod sort of jerkily.

“Mmhmm yeah.”

She chuckled and got back to work.

After more G-Spot stimulation I was writhing and breathing long and deep, my eyes still closed I could feel the pleasure rolling around my body like water. It felt so good I almost didn’t want to climax, I could have lived in those sensations, the ebb and flow of pressure and delight. Sunshine had other plans.

Once she had me more warmed up she turned my little vibrator on low and gave my clit a few experimental buzzes with it, I groaned from somewhere deep in my abdomen. I expected a bit more of an electric jolt but I felt the buzz move from my clit along my spine.

For the first time in my sexual explorations I was taken completely out of my brain and went entirely into my body. What I mean by that is I had no thoughts, no consciousness almost. I became for all intents and purposes pure pleasure and it was beautiful. I don’t know how long she teased my clit with that low buzz before I started to feel the beginnings of a deep steady throb in my cunt.

The throb took over my body, I was so close, she sensed this and turned the vibrator up. Inexplicably, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony started to play in my head, crashing around and mixing with the pleasure. Orgasm induced synethesia perhaps? I came back to reality, the music banging around and clashing in my head.

I sat up a little, propped up on my elbows streaming sweat and feeling primordial. The orgasm I felt coming was cataclysmic, I had never been an extremely loud lover, but when I felt it starting, this gushing tightening explosion I threw my head back wailing and howling. I felt the liquid quite literally squirt out of my cunt, a pulsating wetness that invaded every cell in my body until I was huge with it.

It kept coming, rolling through me with a kind of power that to this day I can only equate with some kind of insane Goddess worship or some such. Cunt magic. I was screaming wordlessly in a voice I wouldn’t have recognized as my own. The final spasm took what coordination I had left and I flopped back. Starbursts and the finale of the Fifth symphony fading behind my eyes and ears.

There was a split second I thought I might’ve had a stroke mid-orgasm it was so powerful. I felt like every muscle I had, must be shaking and twitching, I was panting and shuddering. Sunshine let me come down gradually, her arms around me and my face tucked against her neck.

Something else happened that I’ve never told anyone about before. Laying there shaking and more naked than I had ever been in my life I started to cry. I wasn’t at all uncomfortable or sad, it was more of a letting go I suppose. I was embarrassed for a minute but she held me tight and I got it out, then mid sob I started to laugh.

“Jesus I think you broke me and my pussy.”
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Craaaazy Yogurt!crazyyogurt on November 12th, 2008 09:56 am (UTC)
Holy wow. Good job. Great job!
diseased_insidediseased_inside on November 13th, 2008 08:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks :D