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16 November 2008 @ 05:53 pm
Back to work.  
Back to work while I ruminate under the dryer.

And a tid bit from the still going epic hetero/kinda queer flavored knife scene

“Trust me?”


He blindfolded me carefully and I felt his weight leave the bed, I could feel his boy watching me, hear Pallas pad out of the room for a moment. When he returned he barked at the boy and made me jump.

“Get to it.”

A moment later there was weight at my side and warm lips, distracting sharp teeth biting here and there. Never where I expected, soft across the curve of my belly then a sharp bite on my shoulder. These landed nowhere and everywhere, maddening little puppy bites that drew long frustrated groans from me. I had already gone past being able to articulate my want properly.

When I was growling and writhing, straining against my bonds Pallas snapped his fingers and the boys weight was gone. All I could hear was my own ragged frustrated breathing until I heard a sharp metallic snick.

Of course I knew that noise, the metallic click of a switch blade. I had quite a collection of sharps and knew their sounds well. No one had yet to use any on me, and my breath caught when I heard the sound. I jumped when Pallas put his big hand on my thigh.

When he spoke his tone was as metallic as the blade I knew he had.

“Don’t fucking move.”

I whimpered, stilled myself even held my breath. I felt the cold press of the dull side of the blade against my belly, he dragged it leaving a swath of cool tingling flesh behind. He was patient, heated the blade with my flesh, then took it and let it cool. I didn’t melt, I disintegrated. The rhythm of my breathing slowed and the tension oozed out of me.

He let me sit for a moment while he rearranged himself then I felt the sharp side of the blade against my left breast. He described a slow lazy circle around it with the tip of the blade, lingering around my areolas then just barely flicking my nipple and withdrawing when I jumped and yelped.

He moved and knelt between my spread legs, one hand spread palm down on my belly, he held me still for a long moment then I felt the blade slide up under the side of my panties on my hip, it lingered for a moment then he cut the fabric away quickly and easily. I was so wet by then, vaguely shocked that any part of my panties was still dry at all.

He put the blade in my mouth, the blade snugged between my lips so I could explore the sharp edge with my tongue. He ripped away what was left of my panties and I giggled nervously. He had transformed from wicked tempting Pallas to evil menacing Pallas and my pussy was leaking and clutching at nothing, my thoughts fuzzed at the edges for want of this and him.

Let me pause here for a moment to explain a few things. I mentioned earlier that Sunshine, Pallas and his wife Astarte were in cahoots. What went on between Pallas and I that weekend was a direct result of Sunshine, much as I love the woman, and her big mouth. Sunshine wasn't comfortable using sharps so, in lieu of actually doing it we talked about it at length.

There were many a night spent with me narrating just this kind of filthy violent tinged fantasy while she fucked me dizzy, I collected sharps of all kinds. I still do. Scalpels, straight razors, knives, if it has an edge I probably have four. Sunshine knew I would sometimes play with them, knew I had the collection as a direct cunt to brain connection and she in turn told Pallas and Astarte all about it.

The problem was though I hadn't yet met anyone I trusted enough to indulge in my sharp edged fantasies so it stayed a fantasy. There was more of course but you’ll see that for yourself.

I had my eyes closed and when I felt him lightly tug the handle of the switchblade in my mouth I released it reluctantly. With his other hand he held up a bigger badder blade. I could have come right then, without further stimulation. It was such a beautiful knife, a simple and elegant K-Bar, matte black and clearly razor sharp.

Back to the salt mines. Hoping to wrap this bit of the bitch up in another 3k or so.
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