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25 May 2009 @ 03:34 pm
Screenwriting assigment.  
So this is part one of my first screenwriting assignment.

The goal was to use all action no dialogue to give a sense of doom, foreboding etc etc.

I am still not sure I'm doing this right but I kinda like it.

This is a three part assignment. I'm about done with part two. And then a one page protagonist bio.

The formatting is kinda kerfucked but readable.

int. small ugly hotel room - night

The room is dimly lit, a single low watt bulb on in the
bathroom. Outside there is a storm blowing, thunder rattles
the room on occasion, we get glimpses of just how ugly the
room is.

This is no vacation spot. It's the kind of spot one goes
when there is no where else to go. The room is neat in a
surface way, at least on first glance.

We see the door open and a man enters. He is soaking wet and
obscured by a long coat and hat pulled low over his eyes. As
he removes his hat.

Something about the surroundings is upsetting him, we watch
as he peels off his coat and casts about for somewhere to
put it. He finally settles on laying the coat carefully on
the back of a chair.

The man tries several light switches before finding one that
is functional. The room is flooded by too bright cheap
lighting that gives everything a slightly greenish cast.

The filth of the room is thrown into stark relief.

We follow the man as he starts to sit on the bed but,
together we discover a slightly shiny large brownish stain
on the rumpled bed.

The moment stills-

Hard banging on the door is heard and the man crosses the
room. He pauses long enough to see what might be roaches
scampering across the floor in front of his feet. This
seems to symbolize the entire situation.

This is our first look at the man. He is in his early to mid
30's. Decent looking. There is a prominent scar across his
face on the right that cuts across his cheek and disappears
into his hairline.

The banging on the door continues and the man finishes
crossing to open the door. Just before he can open the door
there is an enormous clap of thunder followed by a big
bright flash of lightening and the lights flicker and we
see his face illuminated brightly.

The man takes a few shuffling steps away from the door, as
more thunder rolls the man falls to the ground. Another
person enters. This person is smaller of stature, also
shrouded in a soaked coat and hat.

Lightening flashes and a woman's mouth is illuminated for a
brief moment.

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